Mission Statement

SaskEV is a collective of electric vehicle (EV) owners and enthusiasts that serves as a resource for current and future EV owners in Saskatchewan and as an advocate for environmentally sustainable transportation.

Upcoming Events:

National Drive Electric Week in Spring 2023


Update on charger installations:

  • Shell. Cornish Rd. & Preston Ave. S. Saskatoon.

    “Shell. Cornish Rd. & Preston Ave. S. Saskatoon. Shell has installed three 50kW 125 amp fast chargers. They are not turned on as of Nov 24, 2022 and will presumably operate from the Shell Recharge app. This doubles the number of CCS chargers in Saskatoon! Not counting Volkswagen or Canadian Tire Martensville. We have had two Flo CCS 50 kW fast chargers at the Tesla site, Clarence Ave S; and one at Canadian Tire Preston Crossing. They have liquid cooled hoses, and the CCS handle has a different handle shape too. These are rather slow fast chargers, but happy to see the numbers increase.” — Jim Barnsley, SaskEV Charging Network Coordinator
  • Outlook Charging station, Concrete foundations poured
  • Wynyard Tesla Charging station complete
  • Yorkton Charging Station under construction as of Nov 2022

Recent Events

SaskEV participation in the annual Saskatoon Santa Clause parade with 3 cars and give kudos to Saskatoon Fire and Flood for bringing their Ford F150 Lightning to tow their float.


2022 Community Charging Grant

Applications for 2022 competition now closed and under evaluation. Announcement of selected location to be announced soon.

EV Dealer Inventory

Electic Vehicles in Saskatchewan

a list of current EVs in stock in Saskatchewan