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On our web site we track current plug-in vehicle inventory within Saskatchewan. Many of the dealerships listed here are also authorized to order and stock additional electric vehicle models. While we don’t track hybrid inventory there are several dealerships in the province that stock those as well. We also provide news on recent EV developments within the province and links to other content we think might be useful here and on our social media pages. We also plan meet-ups for EV owners and enthusiasts through our MeetUp group. You can contact us via email at info@saskev.ca.


We appreciate your donations to help fund our efforts working with governments, utilities and auto dealers and educating fleet operators and the driving public on the benefits offered by electric vehicles through online resources and events. If you’re a business please email us for a sponsorship package!

EV Types

Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) – A vehicle with a fully electric powertrain and large battery.

Extended-Range Electric Vehicle (EREV) – Similar to a battery electric vehicle but with a gas electric generator to augment battery capacity.

Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) – Similar to a hybrid vehicle but with a larger battery and a plug to allow wall charging.

Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) – A hybrid electric vehicle with a small battery for regenerative braking and more efficient engine operation.

Plug-In Electric Vehicle (PEV) – Any electric vehicle with an electrical plug for charging a battery.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) – A vehicle fuelled by hydrogen creating electricity with the use of a fuel cell.

About Saskatchewan Electricity

Electricity in Saskatchewan is dirtier than it should be but not as dirty as many people think it is. Here are some links where you can find more detail on comparing emissions from an electric vehicle with those from a fossil fueled vehicle. EV emissions are also not static, they improve as cleaner sources of electricity are brought online. Remember, you can always install solar panels at your residence or purchase credits from an organization like Bullfrog Power or shares from the SES Solar Co-op to further reduce your environmental impact!

Saskatoon Public Library – September 21, 2022 —  Join Tyler Krause and Bill Hale as they discuss electric vehicles in Saskatchewan.